About Us

Khaitan International Pte Ltd (KIPL) was incorporated in 1985 in Singapore with the purpose of international commodity trading. The team thrives to deliver products and services which are of the highest standards in its respective fields. We buy physical commodities and transform them into customized, consumable products that meet the requirements of our customers. Our most valuable assets are our network of relationships with our producers and customers and our dedicated in-house team which provides value added services to them. has enabled KIPL to stay focused in its successful journey


Create a harmonious relationship among personal wealth, corporate values and the growth of the community


Build sustainable business models and become the most trusted partner globally in the field of international trade and finance


Develop strong relationships with all stakeholders through significant value-addition, quality delivery, brand-building, corporate values and compliance

Rich history enabling brand building

Incorporated in 1985 in Singapore, KIPL has grown with a rich experience during which the learning has been extensively used to build its presence and brand ‘MAPTRASCO’ thereby allowing success to manifest. In terms of market presence, KIPL trades under its reputable brand name – MAPTRASCO, which is a sole proprietor, fully owned by KIPL, with its financial documents amalgamated with the parent company.

MAPTRASCO is an established brand widely known globally which is involved in the direct distribution and trading of products.

Strong Management Ideals

One of the key reasons for the growth of KIPL has been the fundamental principles of the Management which has always given utmost priority to developing and sustaining trust and relationship with all stakeholders involved. The company has good relationships with a myriad of customers and suppliers and it intends to strengthen them and form new ones. Moving forward, the company is also actively searching for new commodities, credit lines and new markets to venture into from its extensive networks. This will bring in new and increased business opportunities allowing us to expand the current outreach and include new product lines to the existing ones.